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Services & Solutions

EMO is Established in Dubai Last 2019 and has prepared to work in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait ,Egypt, Morocco and Oman.


We provide Field Development studies and planning. We gather accurate information and good decision making of the Oil and Gas development


We provide EPC for gas,crude oils and pipeline projects.


Via our drilling partner EMO provides the drilling services for onshore and offshore.


EMO is a service provider to transport and supply the Oil and Gas to all of the regions. We also provide specialized logistics to major countries in MENA Region.


We undertake to provide the best engineering solutions and designs to comply with the client's requirements and fill capacities.


By utilizing our professional experiences, we provide the most sufficient and pre-qualified materials to our clients.


EMO offers engineering,procurement and Construction for such as Drilling wells, Pipelines, Storing services and Refineries.EMO is committed to provide quality for the building structures, Pipelines and Industrial projects related to Oil and Gas projects.


EMO provides trained and expert staffs for all the sectors related to Oil and Gas projects.


EMO Buys, Sell, Develop and Trade Oil and Gas Derivatives to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocoo, Oman and Mena Region.


The Energy is pre-requisite to the world activity,development and sustainability of production. The Oil and Gas community is the infrastructure upon which the world energy viable and organize the world. We at EMO feeling responsible for the world to provide the best solutions for the energy sector and world by utilizing our experiences and know how, latest technology and loyalty to produce all the class world result. EMO has methodically expanded into worlds resources of fully integrated business solutions.


The Vision Is To Become The Leader In Energy Sector In The World.


By having a diversified Oil and Gas Business activities with the know how and experienced exists with the Top Managment of the company. We believe that we will lead this sector shortly.

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who are we?


EMO is Established in Dubai Last 2019 and has prepared to work in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait ,Egypt, Morocco and Oman.

EMO Is An Investment Trading Company That Takes Advantage Of Opportunities In The Current Gas And Oil Marketplace. Emo Buys, Sells, Develops Energy Related Properties. Our Projects Include Field Development, Pipelines, Drilling Wells, Logitistics And Supplying Oil And Natural Gas Facilities.

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